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The only all-in-one smart solar system in the world 

Efficient energy production due to innovative smart tracking.

Smart cleaning of the solar panels.

Can be installed anywhere.

Smartflower featuresSmartflower features


Smartflower frontSmartflower front

Smartflower backSmartflower back

Smartflower PlusSmartflower Plus

Smartflower with battery backupSmartflower with battery backup

Specifications of the POP+ off grid version

  • Nominal capacity solar system 2.31 kWp
  • High performance due to dual-axis sun tracking. 3,400 – 6,200 kWh/annum subject to region
  • Victron Energy inverter (can be set in UPS, off grid, grid support or feedback mode)
  • Solar Charge Controller (MPPT 150/85 MC4 charge controller)
  • Battery capacity 4.6 kWh (4 cells)
  • Battery technology Victron Energy lithium LiFePO4 with integrated battery management system
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to +50°C
  • Output power 6,000W (peak), 3,000W (constant output @25°C)
  • Grid compatibility 120 VAC / 60Hz or 230 VAC / 50Hz 
  • Weight of total system approximately 800 kg
  • Monitoring System using Victron Energy BMV-700, Color Control GX, VRM, LAN/WLAN/web interface


Smartflower trackingSmartflower tracking

The Smart Flower tracks the sun during the day and folds up during the night.


Remote monitoring and control of the Smartflower 


With your personal access to the Monitoring System you can keep an eye on your current production, storage and consumption figures at all times.

The system also allows you to make a number of different custom settings.


The Smartflower has a protection system against high wind speed which makes it fold up when wind speeds are over 63 km/h. 

If the wind speed reaches 54 km/h the solar panels are placed in a horizontal position.


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Smart Flower POP BrochureSmart Flower POP Brochure

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