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BOS-AG Lithium Extension Battery

The LE300 lithium battery can be combined with any lead acid battery system and improves the system performance and lifetime immediately.


The LE300 lithium battery takes most of the charging cycles while the lead acid battery provides inexpensive backup capacity. The lead acid battery is charged with higher priority whereas the lithium battery takes all surplus energy. This helps to increase the lead acid battery life.

The system recognizes the lead acid battery voltage and automatically starts to support the lead acid battery with a maximum current of 12.5A per unit. Bigger loads get supplied by the lead acid and the lithium battery in parallel, resulting in smaller currents for each battery.


BOS-AG L300 connectionBOS-AG L300 connection

BOS-AG Cost ComparisonBOS-AG Cost Comparison

BOS-AG L300 6x parallelBOS-AG L300 6x parallel

The LE300 lithium batteries are a fully modular solution to enhance the performance and add capacity to lead acid batteries in solar and back-up systems. 

They can be used with new or existing 12V lead acid batteries. Just connect them in parallel to meet your specific requirements.

The picture on the left shows a stack of six LE300 batteries in parallel.

BOS-AG LE300 datasheetBOS-AG LE300 datasheet

Download the datasheet

BOS-AG LE 300 user manualBOS-AG LE 300 user manual

Download the manual


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