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Smart meters from SparkMeter

Efficient billing and collection

Enables remote demand management

Early diagnoses of problems and theft


Meters and base station

There are two main components in the SparkMeter system: the meters and the base station. Once these components are installed, a robust software platform provides the tools you need to manage customer payments, collect meter data, manage demand, and much more.


SparkMeter hardwareSparkMeter hardware
ThunderCloud applicationThunderCloud application

ThunderCloud application

Data collected over SparkMeter's built-in wireless mesh network is uploaded over a low-bandwidth internet connection to SparkMeter’s cloud. The electricity provider then uses ThunderCloud to monitor system operations and set controls for load limiting, demand response, and pricing that synchronize with the meters on the ground within one minute. In addition to functionality in the cloud, the operator can log in locally to a base station for full access to ThunderCloud software on-site — even with no internet connection.



Real-time monitoring & control

The meters send a full report on consumption and power quality every 15 minutes, giving you real-time visibility on the operation of the electric grid. See real and apparent power factor, current, voltage, y frequency.

Meters can be connected or disconnected at any time. Changes made remotely are immediately pushed to meters in the field.

Track customer payments, the evolution of customer credits and debt, electricity rates, and load limits.


SparkMeter monitoring & controlSparkMeter monitoring & control


SparkMeter payments and billingSparkMeter payments and billing

Versatile payments and billing

Choose prepay or postpay

All of the meters can be configured as prepay or postpay. No manual intervention at the meter is necessary, just use the ThunderCloud grid management software.

There is full traceability and accountability since each transaction is logged in the system with its creation date, with information on the accounts and user involved, and any associated commission.


Benefits of using SparkMeter and ThunderCloud

SparkMeter provides more efficient billing and collection. The users can purchase energy credit directly from the electricity provider or a local retailer with cash or with mobile money. Then through a wireless RF mesh network, the meter is updated to provide the user with access to electricity. This avoids potential tampering and allows users to only pay for the energy they use, while guaranteeing payment for the electricity provider.

SparkMeter enables demand management and dynamic pricing. The electricity provider can remotely monitor the supply and demand to provide continuous reliable power. This also gives the electricity provider the flexibility to change pricing structures and offer tiered, time-of-use, or fully customized tariffs that can evolve over time. Updates to tariffs can be pushed instantly over the cloud to all users. Also load limits can be adjusted by the electricity provider to ensure that total user consumption never exceeds the total available capacity, which greatly improves reliability. For users, this ensures they are paying the ‘best tariff’ based on their usage and they can still consume as much power as they need without affecting the supply of power.

SparkMeter provides early diagnosis of problems and theft. By comparing power consumption from individual meters to the electricity being distributed, SparkMeter can identify when and where power is unexpectedly leaving the system. This makes theft detection at an individual household possible and acts as an effective deterrent.

Meter models

SparkMeter offers a range of smart meters for different applications ranging from residential customers to large industrial customers.


SparkMeter installationSparkMeter installation


Easy to install

The meters use a standard IEC enclosure that can be installed in a few minutes by anyone with basic electrician training, making it easy to convert existing grids or install them for new grids or grid extensions.


Plug & Play commissioningPlug & Play commissioning

Plug-and-Play commissioning

The meters and base station are truly plug and play: once connected to a power source and turned on, meters start sending data, and the base station collects data automatically, with no configuration. The base station's industrial design protects it in case of power outages and it reboots gracefully once power returns.


Solutions for urban and rural needsSolutions for urban and rural needs


Solutions for urban and rural needs

SparkMeter's line of smart meters can be installed on microgrid and central grid systems, for urban and rural needs.

Whether you serve larger residential or commercial customers, or a mix of low-income households with just light bulbs and wealthier households with refrigerators and TVs, SparkMeter's range of universal smart meters has the perfect solution for any application


Eradicate illegal connections 

SparkMeters detect illegal connections and prevent stealing electricity. This guarantees more revenue for the utility and a more reliable supply to the users.


Illegal connectionsIllegal connections


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