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Sell more by letting your customers connect to a secure Hotspot

Use Facebook WiFi to let your customers check in on Facebook and use the web for free.

 A new way to connect and grow your business.

Connect to an Hotpot Access Point of Open Mesh



Facebook WiFi works with any Open Mesh network. Select the access point that meets your performance needs and install in the enclosure that best fits your physical environment.

Use CloudTrax—a free, cloud-based network controller—to build, manage, and monitor your wireless network in minutes.

Turn your business into a WiFi Hotspot  




Enable the Facebook WiFi option in CloudTrax and link to your Facebook page. Customers simply check in to your location on Facebook to connect to free WiFi. People will also have the option of liking your Facebook page.

WiFi codes aren't necessary and there are no new accounts to create. Customers can manually check in or choose a setting that lets them automatically check in whenever they visit your location.

Reach more people



When customers check in to use your WiFi, their friends can discover your business by seeing the story in their News Feed.

After checking in, people will be asked if they also want to like your Facebook page so you can continue to connect with them on Facebook. 


Help people find your business





More check-ins and engagement with your Facebook page will improve how it ranks in search and the Nearby tab on the Facebook mobile app. 


Gain insight into your customers

Use third party applications to aggregate demographics data—such as age and gender—from check-ins and understand peak traffic times. You’ll also be able to reach customers who check-in with Facebook ads.




Benefits of Open Mesh cloud-managed networks:

  • Spread WiFi to every corner of your home or business
  • Seamlessly roam between all access points
  • Set upload and download limits to avoid single users using all the bandwidth
  • Set different SSIDs for adults, kids, co-workers, and guests with unique passwords and settings
  • Control access using vouchers created in real time to use WiFi as a reward or incentive
  • Monitor bandwidth so you know your highest usage times, monitor congestion, and know when to upgrade your internet connection
  • Monitor the network with free cloud management


Eliminate dead spots and improve home and business WiFi using Open Mesh.

Easily setup a network and tailor powerful features to meet your family and business needs.



Mesh networks are a new development in WiFi technology for better connections.



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